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I love hearing from readers!  Contact me at

Unless you want to bitch me out for something.  In that case, please go here:  Yes, that's the website for the manufacturers of Bratz dolls. They deserve every little bit of nastiness that comes their way.

Advertising and PR
If you're interested in advertising or PR with stark. raving. mad. mommy., get in touch with me at

About this blog:
  • Most of my readers are mommies.  Many have special needs children.
  • All of my readers are awesome.
  • I don't usually do product reviews but if your product is awesome and a good fit for my readers, let's talk.   Or if you have coffee.  Definitely if you have coffee, we should talk.
  • If you're hawking weight-loss products, cleaning products, or any kind of skankiness, please move along.
  • My readers may be mommies but they are most definitely not coming here to find out the latest in toilet-scrubbing technology.  They're also not coming here to learn how to decorate cupcakes, unless it's how to make a cupcake look like a Lego Death Star.  If you know how to do that, hook me up.

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