Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Am No Longer *Completely* Disorganized

Webkinz and Beanie Babies
now have their own condo: a
hanging, pocket shoe organizer
from IKEA.  Tossed out the ratty
clothes hamper that was holding them
before -- and freed up some floor
Warning: This post drops the asterisk-filled f-bomb a couple a few a f**kton of times.

So, my New Year's Resolution was to get more organized. My plan was to try to organize one thing every day, even if it's just one corner of a shelf.

I'm as surprised as anyone,'s kind of working.

I'm organizing something every day. Even more impressive, I'm pretty much keeping the organized things organized.

Sometimes it's something big -- like the closet where we keep all the kids' school clothes. It's a big deal, because our house has 3 closets total. They're all small, and one of them doesn't even have a thing to hang clothes on. One of the closets is dedicated to the kids' school clothes, and it was basically a wreck of khaki pants and polo shirts.

Sometimes, it really is something small. A drawer. Not even a real junk drawer, but like a 12-inch drawer I keep pencils in. Or a tiny corner shelf in the bathroom that only holds Q-tips because it's a complete piece of crap that can't support more than approximately 6 ounces of stuff.

Most of the "things" that have been organized resulted in at least one garbage bag's worth of crap leaving this house. This is a good thing because there are Littlest Pet Shop houses with more storage space than my house.
The stuffed animal condos hang on the outside of the kids'
bedroom doors, because that's the only place they
can go. Not exactly House Beautiful,
but whatever. Now they double as mailboxes!

As much as I'm intimidated by FlyLady, I did pick up a really good thing from that site. On FlyLady, the days of the week are organized with different things you're supposed to do. Like I think you're supposed to somehow grocery shop on Friday? Whatever. Anyway, one of the days is (and I'm paraphrasing here) "Do All the Crap You've Been Avoiding Day."

There's something very appealing about that. It's not "Feel Really Guilty for Avoiding All the Things" day. It's not "I Am The Worst Mother In The World Because I Still Haven't Scheduled That Eye Doctor Appointment Day." It's not even "Wow, When the Hell Is the Last Time I Got a Pap Smear Oh My God I'm Such a Bad Example Day."

It's a day to notice that there's some crap you haven't done, and now you should go ahead and do it.

Today, that's what I "organized." The stuff I have been avoiding. Which is actually just making phone calls to schedule appointments. I avoid this for a lot of reasons:

  • I don't like talking on the phone. If I could schedule everything via the Internet, I probably would have gotten this stuff done ages ago. 
  • It takes an oddly long time to make an appointment. Like, longer than the actual appointment, maybe? There's something about navigating a doctor's office phone system, and having to reel off all my insurance information, that makes what should be a 5-minute phone call into a 20-minute ordeal. And if I have a free 20 minutes, I'd rather not spend it listening to an automated phone system and then talking about insurance. I'd prefer to use that time playing Animal Crossing on my daughter's DS.
  • I have put the thing off for so long that now I feel guilty and feel like I will have to explain myself.

Scored a free wooden toy bin rack
(but no bins) from a friend. Bought
opaque black bins with lids at IKEA
for like 2 bucks each. Now I don't
have to look at their stuff. Plus,
the black bins look better in our
living room than the original
primary color bins would
have looked.
Guess what? The receptionist at the ob/gyn's office does not care when my last appointment was. She has her own life and her own problems and probably has a touch of the norovirus and she does not have any f**ks left to give as to whether I've stuck to the recommended schedule for Pap smears.

Which is kind of liberating to realize.

I'm also still referring to Unf**k Your Habitat for inspiration and reminders. The delightfully foul-mouthed woman who runs that site has a whole thing about unf**king your morning. Before you go to bed, you're supposed to set up your coffee/tea, all your lunch stuff, and your clothes for the next day. So, I've been doing that. I have the kids do the lunch stuff, though. They set out their lunch boxes, and put in all the things that don't require refrigeration, and then in the morning, all we have to do is drop in the yogurt or whatever. And thus, my mornings have indeed become significantly less f**ked.

Yay me for forging a path to being no longer completely disorganized. I'd say that we can now downgrade the threat of chaos in this house to "Significantly Disorganized."

That's actually pretty good for one month.

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  1. When i have the brain power to remember the Three Things Rule, I do Three (3) home organizing things a day. This might include such disparate things as putting the ketchup bottle from breakfast away after dinner all the way up to organizing a drawer or closet (we have FOUR - nah nah).

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Awesome for you!! It has to feel great. I am proud of you for earning your "%#*k Disorganization" badge. It's a win!

  4. First of all, good for you! It's like eating an elephant, you have to do it just one bite at a time.

    Second, I espouse the "Ugly Monday" approach. Mondays are the days I do all the yucky shit that I just don't want to think about, like the phone calls to all the snotty places, returning yet another thing the husband INSISTED he needed but, nope, doesn't, etc. Then the rest of the week I can thumb my nose at the fates who come up with these stupid things for us to do.

    And lastly, Flylady can kiss my ass. If I did everything she tells us to do (dry out the SINK????? Seriously?) A) I wouldn't have time for ANYTHING else, including work or The Shahs of Sunset and B) my husband would think the post partum OCD was back with a vengeance and he, the kid and dog would be hiding in the shed.

    So count yourself ahead of the game and have a self-congratulatory glass of pinot grigio. Or something.

  5. January found us kid free for a few days and hubby decided we'd get the "general living areas" cleaned and organized. *snort* anyhow, we spent 2 days on the living room and a day on the dining room. Looked like something that could be kept up now that we didn't have a ton of crap everywhere. I can not type the entire list of things found RIGHT NOW on the dining room table, or, as my daughter calls it "the table of mysteries". I hope that your organized areas stay that way, mine can not. I think we have anti-organized elves that attack at night. Yeah, I'm going with that. :)

  6. Wow- so impressed!
    We've just installed dark wood floors, and they show everything. I'm going to have to schedule a weekly cleaning time for those darn floors. Hope I can get the same resolve as you!

  7. Good on you! And who knows it could become habitual and your kids could learn tidy habits and pigs will fly and.... No really, I'm sure it's a new chapter in house more beautiful.

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