Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekly Ketchup: You Will Never Have to Fight Off Hordes of Homophobes in the Cookie Aisle Again

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Ridiculous Homophobe Boycott of Oreos Leaves More Deliciousness for My Family Awesome news! You will no longer have to fight off hordes of homophobic morons in the cookie aisle while looking for America's favorite sandwich cookie. Homophobes, take note: You should totally boycott Facebook. And not just because Facebook publicly supports marriage equality. It's really that I'm just tired of seeing so many hateful comments on Facebook. I've also helpfully provided a nice long list of other companies homophobes will want to avoid, if they're going to really take a stand. Good luck with that, haters!

They're sinfully delicious! Get it?
Study: EEGs May Revolutionize Autism Diagnosis The most interesting thing about this is that some scientists think EEGs may also be used to monitor how effective therapies are.

Thanks for Always Looking Out for Me, Dad: 10 Hilariously Awkward Photos Yes, I realize Father's Day was ages ago. I haven't updated my blog in a while, have I?

 If you missed it, this is probably my favorite thing I've ever written, in the whole history of ever: In Their Own Words: Adults on the Autism Spectrum Speak Out About Bleach 'Treatment.' It was such an honor and a privilege to talk with John Elder Robison, Ari Ne'Eman (president of Autistic Self Advocacy Network), Dr. Emily Willingham (Thinking Person's Guide to Autism), Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Tim Page, author Jennifer Cook O'Toole (Asperkids), Landon Bryce (thAutcast).

On NickMom:

Top 9 SpongeBob Quotes That Sound Dirty But Aren't. Seriously, I can't believe Nickelodeon lets me write this stuff. And yes, they're all real quotes.

Top 9 Mom Responses to 'Celebrity Exhaustion' Oh, Lindsay Lohan, you poor, poor thing. We feel your pain. Really.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

News Flash: You Cannot Bleach the Autism Out of Your Kid

I can't believe this is even a real thing, but an America woman who runs an "autism clinic" in Mexico spoke at AutismOne, advocating the use of a product that is essentially industrial bleach to clean the autism right out of your child.

The product she's talking about is Miracle Mineral Solution, which claims to cure AIDS, herpes, tuberculosis, and most forms of cancer, which certainly doesn't make the term "snake oil" pop in to your head at all.
They sell it on eBay, so it has to be good, right?

The dude who invented Miracle Mineral Solution, or MMS, says a scientific study performed by the government of Malawi on prisoners showed a 99% cure rate. Of what, exactly, we don't know, because that study data is nowhere to be found, and the government of Malawi denies any knowledge of this.

Oh, even more fabulous is that the MMS guy, Jim Humble, seems to be an archbishop in a church of his own devising. You can become a Doctor of MMS, or a minister in the church (or both, if you have the cash) through his seminars.

I wrote a pretty lengthy piece for Strollerderby about this whole situation. It took me forever to write because I kept crying.

You can check out my post on Strollerderby here: PSA: Please Don't Try to Bleach the Autism Out of Your Kid

And then, because so many of the children being subjected to this "treatment" are nonverbal and therefore can't voice their opinions on this, I interviewed some prominent adults on the spectrum to get their thoughts on MMS for a follow-up: In Their Own Words: Adults on the Spectrum Speak About Bleach 'Treatment' for Autism

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