Monday, January 2, 2012

The Good News and Bad News for SRMM

Yes, I'll be mixing
 my ADHD meds
directly into my
coffee to  keep up
with all this.
2011 was a pretty exciting year for me, writing-wise. I started blogging for Redbook Magazine's online site The Motherboard. I was named to Babble's Top 100 Mom Blogs list. I got in on the ground floor with Nickelodeon's new, hilarious, NickMom project.

Starting today, I'm also writing for's Stroller Derby, which brings you parenting news throughout the day.  I'm going to do my best to bring special education news, and particularly autism news, to the forefront.

Of course, sometimes I'll just be bringing you nonsense, like today's slideshow post: 8 Celebrity Trends Moms Want to See in 2012.  Because when 2011's biggest celeb trend was marriage break-ups, it's time to change tracks, Hollywood.  How am I supposed to explain the news to my kids when Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris displayed the best relationship judgment of the year?

I know.  All such fabulous news.  So where does the bad news come in?

Don't worry, I'm not shutting down the blog.  In fact, I'm going to need the therapy of writing here more than ever.  The bad news at our house is that my husband, the Absent-Minded Professor, was laid off from his job right before the holidays. Because, you know, Merry Freaking Christmas, right?

Merry. Freaking. Christmas.
Yes. The job we moved back to Pennsylvania for.

As always, we're trying to stay positive. We enjoyed having Daddy home for the kids' winter break, for the first time ever.  Having the Professor home also means lots of things are getting done around the house: he pulled the stove out and cleaned behind it yesterday.  So that's an up-side to the immense stress and guilt the poor guy has going on.

With all the insanity we've had over the last two years, I don't regret any of the decisions we've made.  As parents, and as a couple, we continue to make the best choices we can, based on the information we have at that time.  Moving to Texas was a great experience for our whole family; moving back to Pennsylvania brought me back to an immense support network of friends.  At the time the Professor took this job, it seemed like a good choice.  It was a good choice.  And there's not a lot we can do, as two people, to fix this economy.

Don't go feeling sorry for us, though.  I'm in a great marriage, to a man I adore and who adores me.  I have four amazing kids, who may be nuts quirky, but are healthy and happy.  We're grocery shopping at the cheapest of the cheapy-cheap food stores, but we have food.  And friends. And family.  Life is good and I'm grateful for the problems we have.

My hubby is sending out resumes right and left, and we're optimistic that he'll find a good job soon.  In the mean time, I'm going to do my best to bring home the bacon (::drool:: ... delicious bacon...) with my little writing projects.

Thanks for reading my blog, and for checking out my writing all over the Interwebz.  Without you, believe me, none of these places would be interested in my writing.


  1. So sorry to hear your bad news!! You have an amazing attitude and an amazing family and I love following you all over the web to read your amazing writing!!! Hope the job hunt is successful and BRIEF!!!

  2. I'm happy to see your writing talents being spread around the cyberworld. It is both deserved & awesome.
    Your optimism and perspective are wonderful.
    I hope The Professor finds a job soon, and the kids (and you) get to enjoy every daylight minute of him til then.

  3. Ugh. This economy is no good for anyone. It seems like we're always about a half-step away from losing it all! We transitioned from dual-income to stay-at-home dad a few years ago. It wasn't easy, but we lived to tell about it. Chin up. Keep fighting.

  4. Congratulations on all of your writing accomplishments! You deserve all of it and I'm glad we'll be able to find you in so many places. I hope your husband's job search is brief. That sure is stressful stuff.

  5. I'm sorry for the job loss. :o( BTDT. I'm so glad to see you toting a bright rainbow umbrella in your personal rainstorm. I am also very happy that you will keep writing. Best of luck with the Professor finding a new job or you staying sane with him home all day. ;o)

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your husband's job. That really stinks. I am grateful that you still have your sense of humor about it all and you will get through this. It may not be fun but in a few years you can hopefully look back on this time with less pain/ more laughs. I am helping my daughter get through cancer treatment and help with our Aspie grandson. Your blogs and articles keep me going on the bad (and good) days. Thank you so much for making the rest of us know we are not alone. Have fun with the extra time together as a family, you will never regret the time you get to spend as a family. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. glad for your good news, sad for your heartache. write your way to a bigass paycheck and all will be well!

  8. Gah. So sorry to hear about The Professor's job. We've been there (with my job) earlier this past year. Feel free to email me if I might be able to help - I'm in PA too and I suspect in similar fields as your husband. Glad your writing will be featured at all the new places too! Wishing you all the best in the New Year.

  9. Major bummer! We have been down the no job road... all I can say is that 2 years later it is a distant memory, there is a sunny day ahead! I think you should write a book!!! I'd buy it!

  10. What field is the hubs in? My AB (Anal Boy) has an extensive, active network and is like a bulldog when I put him on the scent to find a friend a job. Feel free to PM me if you prefer. It's the LEAST we can do for you!

  11. Attitude is everything, and you have that one in the bag! Who knows what's in store for you....your awesomeness could bump you on up and the Professor could stay home - anything is possible. Your positivity is fantastic! Congrats on the new gig - it's great, btw!

  12. You are an inspiration to all of us mommies! Keep writing and we will keep reading! Hopefully we can help you by listening when you need to vent. Best of luck in finding a new job!

  13. My sympathies on the AMP's job loss - that happened to my husband three years ago. Layoff, job hunting, house selling/hunting, moving, plus two kids (one with special needs), there's nothing easy about it, but you've got a great attitude. I hope your writing projects thrive, and I hope your husband finds a good job very soon. At the time, the layoff was a big kick in the gut for both of us. Now, we can see that it was a huge blessing, a dramatic shove in a new direction for our family. Keep moving forward, and things will get better. (But you know that already.) On the bright side, this is even more fodder for your wonderful blog posts and commentary.

  14. I'm so sorry about your hubs' job loss! Things can never be easy, can they? Have you shopped at Bottom Dollar? I'm considering it, mainly because I'd like food shopping to be one of the few things I do not need to go further into credit card debt for. Just not sure how it is... In any case, good luck and wishes for rmany riches in happiness!

  15. So sorry about the lay-off, that totally sucks. But I'm totally thrilled that God has blessed you with some income to help in the interim. Praying that your hubby finds something better quickly.

  16. I feel your pain. My husband was also laid off 2 weeks before Xmas. After the company told him he had too much vacation to roll over and he used 8 days. Guess they didn't want to pay him vacation pay and severence. So we're dealing with all the emotional and mental crap that throws your way. But thankfully I have a job still. With benefits. Scary to think the Philly area hasn't been hit as hard as other areas.

  17. Damnit!

    But you know... I'm a sucker for the 'closed door-open window' thingy. Just don't jump ;0)

    Love you and will pray for the best for your entire family going forward.


  18. Holy poop! I'm so so sorry. Your positive attitude is incredible.

  19. I'm sorry he lost his job! You certainly have your hands full with all those projects!

  20. Best of luck to you and your hubby in all your endeavors - writing and job hunting and child rearing and penny pinching and doctoring and a hundred other things you have under your belt. You are a terrific mom and a supportive wife and your attitude is amazing.

  21. First off....Thank GOD you aren't closing down this blog because I need it to make me laugh and keep my sanity. I have a boy who is a lot like Little Dude so I particularly love reading your stories about Mr. Dude.

    Congrats on your writing news. I will have to check out those sites!

    Now I must say...your positive attitude is incredible and I really need to look at life's setbacks more like you do. You are a great role model for your kids and a wonderful supportive wife & best friend to your husband. That said, I am sending good luck dust your way and I hope The Professor gets an even better job very soon!

  22. This post is a testament to your amazing writing skills, strong and loyal readership and lovely hopeful vision for your future and your family. I wish you all the very best and I know you'll keep your priorities straight- like when it's your turn in Words With Frriends. Cheers in 2012, mama!!

  23. Ugh - happy holidays to them too!!

    Glad you will still be writing. You inspire me. This holiday I got rid of the autistic carpet in my bedroom. Next to go will be the autistic mattress (I can smell the fresh air now!)

    Anyway - let us know when you have posts on other blogs. I really do love the way you write.

    Good luck with the job hunt. He might have lost his job, but it really is a whole family kind of thing.

  24. ugh! That blows! (The job thing)

    What does he do?

  25. So sorry to hear about the Professor being laid off. My husband has spent 9 months out of the last 3 years unemployed, but he's been at his current job for a full year now, keeping our ABA fully covered and all that jazz. Best of luck to all of you, and congratulations on the new writing projects!

  26. So sorry to hear about the AMP's job loss. I recently had to quit my part-time job when my second was born with some complications, and have since started working with my disabled grandmother to make ends meet (I never expected to have to wipe my grandmother's messes and give her showers, but she lets me bring the kids and that saves a load on childcare). Your positive attitude is completely awesome. Hopefully this is nothing more than a minor speedbump, and AMP is back to work before you know it.

  27. That was some good news/bad news combo. Your writing accomplishments are well-deserved and inspiring, but your husband's job loss, well, that sucks, and I'm truly sorry. I hope he finds something soon and that 2012 is a banner year for all of you.

    edited to add: it's apropos of nothing, but my word verification is "sperm". Had to share, don't bother to thank me.

  28. I too am all for the closed-door/open-window attitude ... I love your blog and as a one-time writer, I know how it can be nerve-wracking to try to make ends meet. I am in business for myself (not writing) and I'd like to offer you an opportunity for you and your hubby. I am not going to jam up your comment section here with the info, so briefly: I partnered with the doctors who created Proactiv in direct selling their Anti-Aging skin care lines. This is NOT a party plan. The anti-aging skin care market is a 2.5 billion dollar market, projected to double in a few years. The business is run by smart women who lead with integrity. If you are at all interested in learning more, check out my site and feel free to email or call me. I promise you this is not spam. :) Blessings!

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