Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Few More Things That Freak Me Out

I need to follow up on this morning's post.  I need to because obviously my therapy session isn't done yet.  There are more doll things that creep me out.

For starters, let's address the fact that one of my readers, a woman named Susan, apparently owns an antique doll that has real human hair.  Real human hair that came off her Nana's head.

Susan said that it "used to scare the crud out of me as a kid; now it stays in the top of a closet, turned backwards."

Yeah, right.  Used to scare the crud out of you.

Susan said she would take a picture of this doll and send it to me, and I promise I'll share it with y'all when I get it.

Also, I realized that antique dolls are like roaches.  If you see one, you know there's a nest of them somewhere else in the house.  When you fall asleep, they will turn into Children of the Corn.  So another thing that freaks me out is collections of antique dolls.

I hope Susan is reading this.  She needs to be checking that closet to make sure the Nana Hair Doll hasn't let some little friends in.

And then there's corner dolls.  They're also called "pouty dolls," and "time-out dolls."  The only possible use I can see for these things is to recreate a trauma scene for training psychiatric professionals.

Corner dolls are possibly scarier than regular dolls because you can't see their faces, so you can't even imagine what they're plotting against you.  And then there's the fact that they don't actually have faces.

Plus, antique dolls pretty much come in one basic costume: Tiny Crazy Cat Lady.  Corner dolls, on the other hand, come with all kinds of outfits.  There's biker chick corner doll.  (What is she sad about?  She has chaps!)  There's Texas Longhorns cheerleader corner doll.  (Still bummed about that loss to UCLA.)

Okay, actually?   The Johnny Cash one is kind of funny.  What you'd really have to do with that one is set it up in a corner with a little CD player under it, so that when people come in, it seems like he's on time-out singing "I Walk The Line."

Phew.  I feel better now, don't you?  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  Now let's all sit in a circle and sing "I Walk The Line."


  1. I dont' like those corner dolls either. They DON'T have faces!! Its like a scary movie waiting to happen! Like Chucky, but instead of your soul, those dolls are going to come after your FACE!

  2. Now you know why Chucky scares the living schmidt out of me.

  3. OH my!!! Those are super creepy. I have never seen those corner dolls before and now I am terribly scared. They are the creepiest things I have ever seen! I wanted to see what they were all about so I went to the site and found the "naked ones no shoes no hair just underwear" I actually screamed out loud. Thank you SRMM for giving me something else to have nightmares about. Keep up the good posts but next time you write about things that scare you I will not look. :)

  4. I LOVE that this has been tagged with "anxiety", "dolls" and "freaked out".

    I have an uncontrollable fear of mascots -- I once used a small child as a human shield from some idiot dressed as a sausage in a parade -- so I can completely relate.

  5. Okay, I didn't post this on your last post, but since you had to go on about more creepy dolls, you haven't even hit the surface of creepy dolls. check out this link, if you dare...

    I used to belong to this paranormal forum where women would actually buy creepy dolls like this. They found them "cute" and "adorable." Then they'd share all the cool paranormal things that happened in their homes after buying these dolls. Like finding them on the other end of the house from where they last left them. I stopped visiting the forum because I found the whole thing too sick and twisted. That's saying a lot! LOL

  6. What about those super realistic baby dolls that sometimes get people arrested when they leave them in the car and normal, sane, non-realistic baby-doll-owning citizens call the cops to rescue the baby that has apparently been left in the car? Those are whack.

  7. YES, Susan is reading! ;-)

    Does that first pouty doll look like Bret Michaels or Axl Rose to anybody else?!

    I think we're ALL going to have nightmares tonight!

  8. Dolls freak me out grandma had a whole room full of them and I would lie awake at night staring at them and I would poke my twin sister and whisper frantically "Did you see that, she moved!!?!?!?!?"

  9. @Rebekah -- There's some links to those on my FB page. Creeeepy. But the paranormal babies Cheryl just listed are worse.

  10. @Susan -- Ahahahaha, I thought it was a little Bret Michaels too. I only know it's supposed to be a "biker chick" from the website.

  11. I'll be throwing away the porcelain doll my daughter hid under my bed because she's afraid of it. I am now more freaked out than after reading your first post. :)

  12. Okay, I've already mentioned on your last post that I'm twisted and things don't seem to freak me out.

    I strike that. Those dolls Cheryl just shared scared the bejeebees out of me.

    Oh, and that "biker chick" totally looks like Bret Michaels lol

  13. OMG! I'm laughing out loud at my desk here over the comment on the biker chick time out doll! You're too funny!
    I have to say though, my hubby's Grandmother collects dolls and has a DOLL ROOM in her house, which is one of the guest rooms. So guess where we had to sleep last time so that the kids could use the twin beds in the other room? You guessed it. Its a little unnerving to have all their little eyes glinting in the semi-darkness at you all night. Heebie jeebies!!
    And after I saw Child's Play as a kid I've been creeped out by my own toys. They had a special place in my lockable closet at night. ;-)

  14. Hi Girl!

    I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award on my site!

    See under my current Giveaway on the Giveaways and Accolades page!

    CONGRATS - Lori


    We bought a dollhouse from a garage sale and these freaky dolls came with it: wiry hair and no faces. NO FACES. I can't be in the room with them.

    So glad I found your blog through SITS. I needed a real guffaw today :-)

  16. ugh - those pouty dolls have always freaked me out. And now I sort of have a crush on Johnny Cash so thanks for that!

  17. My husband's uncle has a rustic cabin with many pieces of amateur taxidermy on display... including a cougar with a pouty doll in its jaws. Thought that was a pretty good place for it!

    Thanks always for making me laugh, SRMM!

  18. I remember as a child going to my Great-Aunt Carol's house in the middle-of-nowhere in Kansas. She had a WHOLE ROOM of antique dolls. 200 would be a conservative estimate, so approximately 400 eyes peering into your soul plotting ways to torture and kill.

  19. I clicked on the link Cheryl posted and through the rabbit hole ended up on this one-
    This is the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

  20. So sad that we just found out our baby is girl and the first "girl" gift we got was a blinky eyed baby doll...please explain why the body is oh so soft and squishy and the head is like concrete?? So creepy that it winks...blech! I have a feeling it was very expensive too!

  21. Have you ever seen the 3 year old dolls? They are dolls the size of a three year old kid. You know, large enough to do serious damage.

    My great-grandmother had 2 and gave them both to me (because I was truly her favorite). They gave me nightmares so they were stuffed in black trashbags.

    If you think it would then look like I had 2 body bags in my closet, you would be right. But it was better than having the dolls stare at me.

    If you want to see what a 3 year old doll looks like (don't blame me for any nightmares)


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